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Top 10 Ways to Make Money

    There are many ways to make money, opportunities are endless! In this post, I will share 10 real money-making ideas.

    1 | Get a job

    If you don’t have any income now, strive to find a job. In the short term, you will need to feed your family and if you don’t have income it is going to be harder for you to move forward unless you are young and skillful.

    I don’t say to take any job, don’t. This also depends on a bit your location, what are the chances and salaries there.

    Having a job may(and it should be) be the way to help you to have money for your business.

    2 | Offer service as a freelancer

    If for one reason or another getting a job is not an option, but instead you have experience and skills then you should strive to offer your service.

    Put yourself out there. Be reachable by your potential customers.

    Use your skills and expertise. In case you want to try something new here are a few service ideas that are hot right now.

    People are looking for help, they need:

    • Virtual assistants
    • Writers
    • Social media managers
    • Facebook ad managers
    • Designers
    • Photographers

    When I wrote this AI was not yet a thing and a lot of people did gigs as freelancers that now are easily replaced by AI.

    Those who have more money and the right mindset will always choose someone else to do things for them even when they could do it with tools or AI themselves, especially in bulk.

    Learn to use AI and integrate it into your services-based business. Use it as an assistant to help you out.

    Learn What You Want

    Keep your skills updated in Creators Economy

    In case you are a bit more advanced and offer higher value services, if you struggled before well you just got upgraded from starving artist mode. Congratulations!🥂

    People who go slow and steady will always be in higher demand than those who are seeking shortcuts in everything.

    Improving your skills through deliberate practice has a higher chance of success in life, in my opinion.

    3 |  Sell courses

    Selling services is a good idea when you have no option, but after your service business takes off and you learn to know your customers, it will be time for scaling. 

    You will be able to scale, depending on your business of course by offering digital products or online courses.

    To drive traffic to your business you can use content based on your expertise like blog posts, Youtube videos, and Skillshare and for selling courses, you can use Teachable. They also have a free plan.

    Why not use both?

    One other free alternative is Payhip, they have been here for a long time, but courses are the new thing.

    If you are starting I highly recommend them 💖

    4 | Sell live group coaching/seminars

    I am not sure if is this more service or a product or a little bit of both, but by selling live seminars you will be able to collect more money and help more people instead of helping just one(like with courses).

    And you can have guest speakers, not all the work needs to be done by you.

    You can record and offer as a bonus to those who attended and sell for those who didn’t.

    5 | Sell webinars

    This method is more for experts and people who have a clear head, voice, and presentation skills and are very sure of their case.

    People who are opposite of me 🙂 If it sounds like you then learn how to use tools, practice, and go for it!

    Webinars are usually very high least one that I watch 🙂

    In many cases, free webinars lead to selling high-ticket products or services, sometimes live events.

    Sometimes coaches who are just starting their business offer a free consultation to a limited amount of people because they can take only a few clients at the time.

    Think about it this way your potential clients will see who you are, can decide if they like you or not, if they can afford your services, and if they want to invest in themselves and choose you as their service provider.

    Depending on the industry, it is possible to offer online webinars that can be live or recorded.

    This may also in some cases be easier than writing content or creating online courses.

    This type of digital product can even be recorded in live seminars, podcasts, and interviews that you offer as a bonus for people who attended and sell for profit for those who didn’t.

    6 | Sell digital products

    This will probably not go out of style as long as the internet is still rolling. Here are some digital product ideas you can sell:

    • Photos
    • Images
    • Designs
    • Planners
    • Printables
    • Templates
    • Brushes
    • Patterns

    There are many more digital downloads you can sell. I may have limited thinking here, but as a human, I am not aware of all the possibilities.

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    7 | Dropship

    Why dropshipping? Simply because it has bigger profit margins than Print on demand and involves a lot less work (because you don’t need to design stuff yourself 🤯).

    The biggest pros of dropshipping are that you don’t need to have inventory and you don’t need to do the shipping.

    If you ever sold stuff from your house you know that pulling off something like that by yourself would not be possible.

    This is why dropshipping is a good opportunity for so many people.

    8 | Dropship high-ticket items

    Yes! It takes the same amount of time to sell low-ticket items and high-ticket items.

    This video may help you to switch your mindset or at least help you to think bigger and better.

    9 | Build a niche site

    This may is not for everyone, but if that turns you on even a little bit you may consider this option. Start a niche site.

    A niche site is a website that focuses on solving a certain problem and helps people to make a final buying decision.

    This type of site will eventually make money from advertising, affiliate products, and its products.

    You don’t just build one. You will need guidance.

    Authority hackers and Income school guys can teach this.

    When you learn the skill then only the sky is the limit in what you can do.

    10 | Flip domains

    Flipping domains is one option of many. What you do is acquire domains and then sell them and transfer them to the buyer.

    Domains are kinda rented assets, but if you buy/rent one you will be able to hold it as long as you pay for it.

    If you have a good one like short or catchy with a .com extension people may want that and will pay to get that from you by buying from domain sites or asset flipping sites such as Flippa.

    This sounds easier than it is.

    I don’t remember if I ever sold just a domain name. If you know me…you also know that I suck at picking domain names 😫

    How to make even more money read this.

    Final words

    Having a job or getting one is a good choice for almost everyone. If the deal is a lose-win then you have to consider other options. These were alternatives I wrote about in this post.

    If you don’t have skills then I recommend learning something simple, yet valuable that you can sell as a service ASAP.

    Try Skillshare for free – Learn new skills!

    • Create something with structure from A to B and sell it in a course or ebook. Yes, it doesn’t have to be everything from A to Z!
    • Learn marketing and be consistent. Active and engaging creator is the key to success in any business.
    • Find items to sell and dropship them.
    • Build a website, monetize it, flip it, or build your empire
    • Flip something else physical or digital. Digital things like domain names may be more profitable and less hassle than physical items.

    Pick just one thing from the list, not everything.

    If you find this helpful save it for later or share it

    Thank you!

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