Find your own way to make money online

MakeMoneyIdeas.net website is here to help you to find out your own way to make money online. Even I do share a lot of ideas here I strongly recommend to choose only one and make it work for you before trying a new one.

This website is about:

  • Making money online
  • Making money online long-term
  • Making money online legally

This website is not about

  • Making money online fast
  • Making money online easy
  • Making money online free
  • Surveys
  • Paid to do s**t

This is why: It is better to work for yourself and it is better to generate long-term relationships with the current audience rather than spamming and clicking links or signing for suspicious offers and sell BIG companies information for pennies.

You will notice that one idea, one business will require a lot of your time and energy and more you work on that one idea, better results you can expect.

When you focus you win

Successful people have skills, have energy, have time and security but when they started out they focused on that ONE thing. Don’t be fooled by words like passive income or multiple streams of income. You will get there eventually but only by focusing on one thing at the time.

Remember that everything is connected. Working on yourself, on your health, skills, relationships, relaxation is as important as working on your business this being said good luck!

Pick one money making idea

To make money and to succeed you will need to have the right mindset, right tools, right work ethics, and time management skills. Focus on one thing at the time. Do what you have to do to move forward and eventually, you will be there.

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