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True Reasons Why You’re Sold the Dream of Quitting the 9-to-5 Job

    Before you start reading this I warn you, there will be things you don’t want to hear.

    This article is not intended to shame, judge, or make you feel guilty. Rather, I wrote it to get this off my chest because some people need to hear it.

    The world is the way it is and reality online with all the glam and gurus may seem luxurious and something you want to go after.

    This is meant to be a make-money blog, but for some people having money and not losing money is the way to go.

    This is why you should not trust too many strangers on the internet and why you should not give them your money (or your credit money).

    When you use your resources wisely, you can actually at some point start building something worthy.

    Do not forget where you come from and that you are always doing your best in each situation.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not working hard enough or you are not doing the right things.

    You are.

    You are always doing your best with the resources you have.

    Hustle Culture

    Hustle attitude is popular in hustle culture/grid culture/burnout culture and especially among men, who don’t take care of kids or help around the house.

    These strangers are yelling on the internet that YOU are not good enough, YOU are not working hard and YOU aren’t doing the right things.


    Here is a video from one of my favorite Creators about hustle culture


    Looking for ways to make money online?

    Then you have probably come across ads about how people work from home or travel the world and can work anywhere and so on.

    If you are yourself are unemployed, or in debt, stay away from people who sell you a dream.

    You don’t one to become one of them (one more scammer online).

    People who are experiencing poverty or lack are very vulnerable.

    Why are you sold on a dream?

    This is what they will sell you

    • Decide your own working hours.
    • Work wherever you want, at home with kids
    • Work anywhere and travel
    • Live laptop lifestyle
    • Work less.
    • Earn more.
    • No more leaving paycheck to paycheck
    • Be your own boss.

    Let’s tackle these ones by one and see what they actually mean.

    Decide your own working hours

    Deciding on your own working hours means that you will end up working non-stop and burning yourself out without ever seeing the results you were promised.

    You will be paid by results and if you get tired or sick, there is a chance that you will not be able to do what has to be done in order to get paid. For example to create content consistently, show up on webinars, and offer customer service.

    Things that bring you money are products and services you sell to people. If that is not something you are good at you may struggle.

    If you don’t set boundaries between working hours and home hours then you will end up working 24/7 or being lazy 24/7 it depends on which is more likely for you.

    If you have kids, they will not understand that you are working. You will probably end up working late at night when you are exhausted.

    Work wherever you want, at home with kids

    I personally thought this is a good idea. How stupid I was? And I actually tried to do this for years and years.

    If you are not a first-time mom you know how stupid this is. But I believed in the myth of “Work from home mom”.

    One time one serious woman writer mentioned in her blog that it is impossible to work with kids who don’t even try and that blew my mind.

    via GIPHY

    Until that moment I believed that everyone else was working from home while looking after their kids.

    Work wherever you want, travel

    Some people who travel with their laptops are young singles who probably live with their parents.

    If you are able to make $1000 with your laptop and travel good luck with that. For most people, it is not realistic or a good option.

    It does look good on the internet, but it is not for everybody.

    Here is a video that is a sneak peek at the van lifestyle and of course, this is a bit glamorized vid depending on who is watching.

    Live laptop lifestyle

    This is so ironic because I had a laptop that I used at home when taking care of my kids.

    Being f*cking stressed out.

    It may take a while from a situation like this to anything else.

    The secret is the ability to have deep work and it is not possible for everyone in every situation.

    Do not beat yourself up if you are not able to get done and progress as fast as you wish.

    Just do what you can.

    Here is a truthful video about the laptop lifestyle

    Work less

    When you know what to do, how to do when to do it, and have people working for you maybe you can work less.

    If you are the type of person who doesn’t can always work less.

    But in my experience always something comes up and everything takes time to get solved.

    If you are alone working less will probably not be an option at least not in the beginning.

    The beginning may last years if you quit your 9-to-5 job and start pursuing your passion and it doesn’t take off.

    Which is more realistic than that a miracle happens and something completely new would take off.

    Keeping your job especially if you have debt or don’t have savings is a very good idea and it is advised that you try to pursue a side hustle or start a business when you have time and energy to do so. And when you do start small, be consistent and try to build it sustainably.

    Want to learn new skills?

    Earn more

    It is possible to earn more because you can sell digital products that you create once over and over again.

    The thing is if you create something that costs $2 you want to earn $1000/month as a minimum.

    Then you will need to sell 500 pieces.

    16,6 pieces/day.

    Do you think you can do it?

    Yes, you too can sell things and services online and charge more. Think about it in the very beginning.

    For example, if selling printables or printables/kdp(Amazon Kindle low content books) items with commercial use, charge more.

    Courses? Charge more.

    This is why Guru people don’t sell printables. They are selling you a dream..and they charge much more and have a program after the program they can resell to you endlessly… especially pricey subscriptions and masterminds.

    If you think that these services are for you and you have the money to pay for them then please decide for yourself and make good choices.

    These gurus charge more because they have established themselves as an authority and have confidence.

    Confidence comes from repeating the same stories over and over again.

    Don’t ever confuse confidence with truth or skills or ability to teach and help others to move forward.

    They think that they are valuable and better than other people when in reality they are just lucky (and scammy).

    They have inner talk set to something like this “I deserve all the money I can get, I provide value and if people are willing to pay for it I am not harming anyone, I do good. I make the world a better place.”

    And they truly believe it.

    It is okay. There is a saying in Finland: It’s not stupid who asks it is stupid who pays(gives).

    It is not stupid who asks it is stupid who pays gives

    The way they think is not bad, but how they take money from people who really need it more, is unethical.

    This thinking is very good for confidence and success, but you don’t want to succeed in being an unethical scammy a**hole. What I am saying is before you adopt this mindset make sure that you are not selling a dream or cr*p.

    They will call it reprogramming and will tell you to forget what you know, and experiences you had, that they have no value, and that first you will resist new beliefs and then you will adopt them. That my friend should ring bells!

    This is called manipulation because you aren’t aware that this is done on purpose. If you are aware of this, you are very lucky.

    And you are also lucky if you don’t have money or credit to take their courses because they are very good at persuasion and in getting you addicted to them and to other people(‘Community’).

    Ask yourself, would you like to belong to a cult that will suck you dry and you will need to start from an even more deep hole than where you are now?

    Ask yourself if you give these people your (loaned/credit) money, WHO has your money? $5000? Who has it? How easy is it for you to earn it back?

    Is there something else that you could do with that money (or with not getting into more debt)?

    Before you give away think about it.

    I know they will say all the right things.

    They will tell you how they were like you and now they are this confident person in a suit.

    They will tell you it is easy, anyone can do other people are doing it.

    They may even tell you that the universe is an abundant place and money will flow to you or whatever.

    If the universe is so abundant place(I am not saying it is not) question is why they have persuaded you who have little to give them…if the universe is so abundant?

    Manipulation can be very smooth and hard to notice. Here is a video about MLM company as an example.

    They sucked people in with the community and belonging. They targeted stay-at-home moms and treated them(their sellers) like cr*p.

    No more leaving paycheck to paycheck

    This one is probably true. Most likely you will lose everything and starve on the street.

    They will tell you “No more living from paycheck to paycheck” or “Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?”. It is so easy to answer Yes! I am tired.

    They target middle-class people, but also poor people will fall for them out of desperation.

    For the middle class, I want to say: You are the target, because of your paycheck to paycheck.

    This is how they talk to you to find out if you have money or not.

    They don’t say are you broke, lonely, or they say Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck…tell them that you are and they will take away your paycheck.

    Kinda funny, but not really.

    One more thing for the middle class. The problem is greed, wanting more will always get you into trouble.

    Times were were able to do your work, be 100% confident that your work would continue, and consume whatever you wanted with credit.

    Now is a good time to pause mindless consumption, build something, or start prepping for the future in other ways.

    You may live in your bubble totally unaware of how easily your illusion of security can be taken away from you.

    Instead of wanting more, how about making what you have last longer? Maybe downgrading before you end up living in the car or a motel.

    This is how things are in the US, if you are not aware you are sleeping.

    Sometimes you have to look around and take your blinders off.

    Be your own boss

    Your own boss. Really?

    You are a very disciplined person? Able to make good decisions night and day?

    Get stuff done on time? Do what you promise. Know your priorities?

    Good for you.

    Maybe you want a mug with Bossbabe text on it. Go buy the mug. Hope it helps.

    Want to learn new skills?

    Real reasons why you are sold a dream

    The real reason why you are sold a dream is that you have that 9 to 5 job.

    You have a steady income. You may even have access to credit.

    If you pay with will continue working your 9 to 5 job and they will be able to sell you more expensive products…and you will buy them because you will be hooked on the dopamine.

    It will seem to be so different from your normal life and it is..until you focus on what you have.

    Maybe you are more blessed than you think that is why these snake oil salesmen are after you.

    Think about it…they have all this money why do they spend their time trying to sell you things…if they are so wealthy?


    Now you know how to look for signs and stay away from gurus. It’s not all bad. What you can learn from them is confidence in themself and in their case.

    They believe in them and in their case. You should too believe in yourself and in your case.

    They show up consistently and you should too.

    If you want to make money online:

    • Choose your case (one method to make money)
    • Use your zone of genius, the strengths, and skills that come naturally to you
    • Build on what you already have
    • Get help, pay fairly to people who are helping you
    • Don’t quit your job before you have secured your back
    • Don’t spend money on motivational p*rn
    • Expect obstacles and everything takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    To be able to quit a 9-to-5 job, you will need to save money, downgrade, spend wisely, and buy assets and/or invest in education that can push you forward.

    This doesn’t mean that education has to be expensive AF. It has to be relevant to you and your desired method.

    I use & love Skillshare.

    I hope this makes sense and now you know how you are sold a dream of quitting your 9-to-5 job.

    Want to learn new skills?

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    Thank you!

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