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5 Reasons why you are not making money and how to fix it

    List of things that will not making money even when you are working hard and how to fix them.

    You are maybe very close to making money, but still not there yet.

    If you are just starting out, learning things, and trying things then it may take some time to get to that point where you will proudly share your creations online and offline.

    Learning will not make you money, yet. It may look like nothing happens, but it is one of many things in life that will have compound interest.

    Learning by doing will help you to become very good at what you do.

    When the time comes, make sure that you follow the other tips I have in this post and you will not leave money on the table by accident 👇

    These tips are for a person who is actually trying but is still missing puzzle pieces.

    1 | Not asking for money

    If you don’t ask for money it is likely that no one will come up and give you some.

    People will gladly pay for things when they know, like and trust the creator and actually need or want “the thing”.

    The thing = Something that will help them or help them feel better about themselves.

    You don’t need to be perfect and your products don’t have to be perfect.

    If what you do is helpful or makes them feel good they will more than gladly pay you for what you have to offer them.

    Here are reasons why you are not making money

    • You don’t promote affiliate links.
    • Don’t add ads on your website.
    • Don’t share your website with people.
    • Don’t put effort into SEO.
    • Don’t have products or services for sale.
    • Don’t have a buy button or it is not working.
    • You don’t have even a donation button.


    Ask for the money by sharing what you have, and add a way to pay you.

    2 | You believe that blog will make you money

    Here is the news: the blog is not making money by itself.


    Instead, products and services you offer can make you money, ads you show on your website, and affiliate offers you promote.

    Content that you create funnels potential clients to your email list (Builds your audience) and helps you to sell products and services “on autopilot”, because you can reach out to them and share what may be relevant for them at the moment and this is what can make you money!

    via GIPHY

    Website is not a business.

    The blog is not a money-making machine.

    “Make money blogging” – Is a lie.

    A blog can help you to get more visibility on search engines because you have many blog posts. This means that many different links lead to your website🤯 .

    This also means that when you promote your blog on social media it is not boring, because you are not sharing just one link🤯 .

    You can share multiple links to your different blog posts🤯 .

    Then make these blog posts filled with content people want to see (read, watch, listen to, look at) and funnel them to related and helpful products and services.

    It is a no-brainer if you do book reviews or movie/series reviews that you would have affiliate links to Amazon, Audible, Blinklist, and other similar services.

    A blog can help you to make money. Don’t forget to monetize it after you have quality content/great offers and a good amount of visitors.

    Blog will work for you only if you work.

    3 | You believe that ebook will make you money

    Ebook will not make you money.

    Ebook is not something people are looking to buy. They are not looking around, money burning in their pocket, and thinking “Oh, I just want to give my money to some random ebook creator for some random ebook”.

    Nope, that may happen, but the reason why people would buy an ebook is what’s inside.

    If they want to solve problems or enjoy they would look for something specific, what they already know they like and what they need to learn or expect to enjoy and feel good.

    Here are a few examples, don’t think that you have to create something like this.

    Keep it very simple and do what you can.

    The most important thing is what’s inside, the cover is for attracting an audience and can be easily outsourced. What people are looking for is to solve problems not to read more books that don’t give them any value.

    The ebook that solves the problem:

    The ebook that educates softly:

    The ebook that entertains:

    Having an ebook is one thing. Promoting and selling ebooks is another.

    You will need to let people know about your ebook. Here are a few tips.

    Before you create your ebook, make research. What sells well?

    This way you will create something that people will more likely to buy. Tap into the existing market, don’t try to create your own niche.

    When you create an ebook for the existing market, people with a passion to learn or getting entertainment will wait for it and be ready to buy it, especially if the ebook is targeted at them.

    Amazon reviews with 2-4 stars are good. Go through books that are similar to what you are planning to create and make notes. You will find golden nuggets.


    Research and create what compliments your skills and expertise.

    • Keep it simple
    • Solve problem
    • Publish
    • Promote it yourself too (even if you publish it on Amazon)

    4 | You believe that creating online course will make you money

    An online course will not make you money. People are not looking to buy one more course.

    They are looking for a solution they didn’t find in the previous course they bought.


    Make research and sell them what they WANT.

    You will need to be able to outbid the competition.

    With branding, by being you and by offering something different from competitors you will be able to stand out.

    Look at what is missing and fill in the gap.

    To find this gap you can simply look in forums and groups and see what people are talking about, what they like, what they hate, what they want more, and what they want less.

    You can also use Udemy to start with. Join in as an instructor.

    Look at Marketplace insights to figure out what you can create.

    Look for suggestions to narrow down.

    Look for High demand, low amount of courses, and Median monthly revenue.

    For example demand and amount of courses are both high.

    Median monthly revenue isn’t that good and Top monthly revenue is also quite low.

    Scrolling down you will see more data for Pinterest marketing keyword data looks like this:

    80th means How many unique students searched the topic last three months and that this topic is Demand for this topic is higher than 80% of topics on Udemy.

    The search volume trend is going slowly down.

    What would be my takeaway on this?

    I would say to look at how many courses are in Udemy and then look for top sellers who are and how well their courses are structured and their feedback.

    If you find a gap then go for it, if don’t then try other keywords.

    You know your niche the best. You know what people like you who don’t know yet what you know..are searching for. Look if there is still demand for something you can help them with.

    Do you have any chance to compete against others?

    Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t.

    If there are famous YouTubers with a great voice and a clear head, it may be hard. If there are people with low ratings, read reviews and do better.


    Some people will like you and choose you to teach them. Some will choose someone else to teach them instead.

    Some will buy courses made by you and others.

    Everyone has their own teaching style and there are no two similar things in the world unless they are copied.

    Yes, it has been done before, but not by you. Don’t forget to put your personal twist into it.

    There are multiple ways to promote online courses. If people don’t know you yet then you will need to show up on Youtube or make webinars.

    One way to start selling courses is to choose online platforms that already have an audience.

    Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. The biggest difference between these two is that on Udemy each course has an individual price, Skillshare is a subscription-based platform.

    Start small and get true fans, build your email list, learn what they would really want, and pre-sell them ebooks, courses, and other products your own and others (affiliate products).

    Pre-selling is the way to save a lot of time upfront, if people will not pay for it upfront then you will not simply create it 🤯

    5 | You believe that printables will make you money

    Printables will not make you money. It is good to learn how to make them.

    When you are done learning it is time to seriously brainstorm ideas and research what people in your niche would want and what they are currently buying.

    Specific printables with a specific goal for specific people would have the potential of making money.

    Then like everything else you have to put your premium printables in front of your audience:

    • People on your email list
    • People who follow you on social media
    • New people who see your ads
    • New blog visitors, show them ads and pop-ups

    Make your printable products available on marketplaces like Etsy and Gumroad.

    Printables alone will not make you any money, because no one will randomly just throw money your way.

    Printables sell well on Etsy and you can use multiple different keyword tools to make research.

    I personally use/have used:

    Try them out and choose the one that fits your budget and preferences.

    Using even just Keywords Everywhere you will be able to get an idea of what to do and what not to do.

    In this picture, the Monthly search volume is only 20. Competition is 1, which is the highest, and other items with this keyword 5,770.

    Zoom in to see closer if you are on your phone or tablet.

    You decide whether you will be able to compete with this or not…and if you want to compete.

    Search volume doesn’t mean that all these 20 people will come to your store and buy from you.

    It may mean that 1 of them comes to your store and will probably not buy anything.

    I don’t mean to be discouraging, but what I am saying is the more (targeted) people you can get to click your products the more sales you are going to make.

    This means that you want to be looking at high search volume, not too many results with comp less than 1 for sure.


    Specific printables with a specific goal for specific people would have the potential to make money.

    Wrapping Up

    In this list, I had all the things I have personally tried and these are my best takeaways from each experiment.

    Even when something is not working yet, it doesn’t mean that you will never figure it out.

    I am heavily inspired by this quote by Thomas A. Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

    Thomas A. Edison's most famous Quote: I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

    Remember that nothing will work unless you do. Nothing will make you money unless you do something that others care about too, put it in front of them and ask for a transaction.


    • Before you create anything research your potential buyers, are there any?
    • How about competition is there a lot of creators doing the same thing as you want to do?

    It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    • As long as you can stand out and fill the gap and know how to put yourself in front of potential buyers.

    Too much is too much and a low amount of competitors may also mean that there is no market for such a thing.

    Like I said before don’t try to make up a niche, but you can combine niches and get a very specific audience that way.

    People tend to like multiple things and identify with different things.

    Do you have some thoughts you’d like to share? Let me know in the comment section below 👇

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