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5 Items You Can Sell Before Holidays and Make Money

    Today I am going to share with you one tip about how you can make money before the holidays and what items to sell.

    Selling digital downloads before the holidays. Yes, you heard me. This is so obvious and lets me explain why.

    You see, there are always people who are late.

    They just didn’t have time to look into holiday decorations and costumes on time or they just spontaneously decided to have a party.

    Well, this is where you come in.

    Here are a few ideas for this type of person looking.

    Sublimation images

    1 | T-shirt graphics

    Before holidays you can create from scratch or use other people’s graphics that come with a commercial license, to create t-shirt designs to sell.

    That buyer can print out and iron a t-shirt themselves. This way you will be able to help them fast without the need to store t-shirts or shipping and other hustle that comes with it. And they get what they want fast too.

    You can create something easy like scary Halloween faces or something more advanced that has text, and graphics.

    There are a lot of holidays and celebrations you will never run out of ideas. Start and learn as you go.

    Do not forget to improve with quantity, not perfection.

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    This tip is especially for you if you tend to spend a lot of time working on one design. If you don’t have this tendency, spend more time than usual on one design, so you can improve and not create a lot of low-quality designs.

    2 | Home decor graphics

    Images that can be printed out and ironed to mugs to be given as a gift or used as decorations

    3 | Printable party decor

    Printable party decorations like Flags, props, invitations, and flyers are just some ideas.

    Flags, props, invitations, and flyers are something people will want to print, cut, and use ASAP.

    You should look for inspiration on Etsy.

    Get affordable keyword tool Keywords Everywhere and you will be able to increase your chances of creating something that people will want to buy.

    You can use online course platforms like Skillshare to learn how to create graphics for sale.

    If you have an iPad and Procreate this course may be for you:

    Learn how to create Halloween Clipart illustrations – If you are not a member yet Get a free premium 30-day trial.

    Want to learn new skills?

    Why sell prints and not physical items?

    Why sell prints and not physical products, print on demand t-shirts or mugs instead?

    Well, you see there is a production and shipping time for these physical products when digital products can be delivered..well digitally!

    And you don’t even have to be there!

    These customers who are late with everything, want to keep up with the latest trends even if they do not have much time to prepare, so they will be looking for something unique, designed by other humans, and something that they can kinda create themselves🤓 .

    4 | Cut files

    Cut files are always in if you know how to make them.

    This is not my jam yet. It is not easy/beginner-friendly as far as I know.

    With this one, you have to know a few things how to do or those files will not work properly when people will try to cut them with their cutting machine.

    5 | Printables and Planners

    Printable planners are something you can create and sell to party planners.

    Some people need a little push and they want to plan things (I too belong to this category 🤗).

    You can use tools like Canva, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote to create your printables and planners.

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    What do I recommend to make money before the holidays?

    I recommend starting early, before the holidays so you can promote on social media what you sell and get some SEO juice, so the products you sell will be found by people before the holidays.

    A platform for selling digitally crafted products I recommend is Etsy.

    Etsy has already a customer base that is actively searching for unique and handcrafted things.

    Listing to this platform is as low as 0,20/item for three months at a time.

    That is cheap!

    New Seller? Get 40 Free listings on Etsy.

    Etsy does have some fee when you make a sale and also if you advertise then you pay for that too.

    Make sure you calculate your profit before listing items. I like the Alura Etsy calculator, if you are not from the US remember to convert your currency to calculate everything properly.

    What tools to use for your digital products?

    This depends on what you are going to create, but probably Canva, Gimp, and Photopea will work fine, or if you have an iPad then Procreate or some other drawing apps.

    Get a Free Canva account Today!

    Keyword tools

    Use keyword tools to narrow down your niche and find items people are looking for. Stay away from Disney or other copyrighted stuff even though people are searching a lot of that.

    Here are Etsy Keyword tools you can use to find items people are looking to buy on Etsy.

    Free images

    If you don’t have the skills or tools yet to create your designs, you can use free images and free software to put together your ideas.

    There are places you can get free images. I do recommend this so you will not get in trouble with copyrighted materials. Places like public domain pictures, pixabay, pexels, and Unsplash are good.

    You can find a huge amount of free design elements that you can use in your creations at Creative Fabrica it is one of my all-time favorite places. It is subscription-based but for $29/ month, you get as many goodies as you need to create whatever you want. Good deal and don’t have to start from scratch.

    Free fonts

    If you don’t have typography skills then you can use fonts, no problem just make sure the fonts you use have a commercial license too.

    You can get free fonts:

    Free designing software

    There are many ways to create things. All roads lead to Rome.

    If you are familiar with any software that gives you the ability to combine text and images you are good to go.

    Free design software for t-shirt designs

    There will be a learning curve if you start from scratch. Youtube is full of tutorials you can watch for free.

    I personally love Skillshare, which you can take for as little as a month, learn what you need, unsubscribe, and come back later when you have time to learn more 🤯.

    It will still be worth it.




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    Premium design tools

    You can always go crazy with tools, but you don’t have to.

    I use a combination of the premium Canva plan ($12.99) and Affinity Designer which is around a $54.99 one-time fee🤯 and I love it 💖.

    Affinity Designer is a good alternative to Photoshop.

    How to promote your holiday items

    You should have a social media account as a creator/artist or just for your Etsy.

    Sure you can mention your products on your accounts if that is relevant to your friends, family, and co-workers and they support you.

    Social media is a learning experience on its own. It is constantly changing and you need to set it up properly and also be consistent and yes it is time-consuming, but you can schedule your posts.

    Social media post scheduling for free

    For creative projects, Instagram and Pinterest will work the best.

    To schedule posts on Instagram for free, you can use an app later and schedule 30 posts/month or read this post and schedule for free without third-party apps.

    What  I like about later..well they do have a very good blog but besides that, you can see what your images will look like on your Instagram feed which is SUPER.

    As an alternative Creator Studio by Facebook is one free way to schedule Facebook and Instagram posts.

    Nowadays short videos for mobile phones are a huge thing…if you decide to jump on that wagon, fine 😉 Use Canva to create short videos to display your products.

    Social media platforms that have short videos are YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    Wrapping Up

    I know this turned out to be a bit short post, but I think the main point is clear: Sell digital products on Etsy for late party planners and make money before the holidays!

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    5 things to sell before holidays

    Thank you!

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