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Reasons why people fail to make money online – How to succeed in making money online

    In this post, I will share a few main things that may affect your ability to make money online.

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    Making money online and offline can be easy or hard it depends where you currently stand.

    The better the income you have, the better possibilities you have.

    More secure the life you have, the better chance to succeed you have if you are motivated and skillful.

    This is obvious but underlooked.

    I will talk about things, you may not find out for a long time while searching the web.

    Most of the stuff you hear and see is selling you something or just repeating what others say.

    I am not like that, I will not lie to you and tell you how easy, free, and fast making money online is for everybody.

    No, it is not.

    Especially, not for everybody.

    Reasons why people fail to make money online

    There are many reasons why people fail or give up to make money online. I don’t want to put you down, but I think it is good to be aware of where you are coming from.

    Some people are engineers, doctors, lawyers while others can’t even get a basic education. Some people will live in a big house with their own private room while others live with a big family in one small room.

    Some will have ‘spare’ money when others don’t have money at all.
    I will never claim that ‘Anyone’ can do something, it is not true.
    This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

    Do your best even when odds are against you.

    I know that you do.

    Here is the list of different reasons why people fail or quit trying to make money online and how not to give up.

    1 | Not knowing yourself – Know Yourself

    Not being honest and clear on who you are and where you want to go will slow you down.

    I had this problem personally. I didn’t want to limit myself to one ‘niche’ or to label myself as an ‘expert’ of something.

    I also did not have any clarity on anything, and everything I did I doubted.
    There are people who give little or no value.

    At least they have made up their mind and have put something into the world.

    By taking action even when they are not sure they will grow and improve and get better.

    This means that you have to make up your mind and choose something to start with. Once you do, you will be able to adjust and improve as you go.

    2 | Not knowing your why

    Not being clear on why you do what you do will slow you down. Maybe you want to improve your skills, become better at something, get certain results, help more people or do a better job.

    Whatever it is write it down. Maybe it is to have security for yourself and your family.

    Maybe it is the freedom to do what you want instead of doing what someone else wants.

    Know YOUR why.

    3 | Not knowing your strengths and weaknesses

    If you don’t know what are your strengths and weaknesses it is hard to choose what to do.

    • Are you good with people or not?
    • Are you good to fix things or breaking things?
    • Are you good at being still or do you like to move around?
    • Are you detail-oriented or do you see the bigger picture?
    • Are you bad at something?

    The thing is even I personally like to learn new things and ‘improve’ myself and my skills it would be much better if I was honest about who I am, what I do well, and what I don’t do so well.

    The thing is in life and online you can capitalize the best on the skills and expertise, you already have.

    This means that you already have value to give, worth of money, worth of being paid to.

    Make money with what you already have to give instead of learning new things all the time (like me).

    Don’t doubt yourself.

    It is never the best people who become something and are visible and popular. People who are visible and popular may suck, but they are loud and faking confidence if they have to in order to get seen and heard.

    They know that they don’t have to be the best or perfect. They know that all they have to do is to market themselves.

    The best marketing is showing up consistently.

    4 | Not knowing where to start

    It may take some time to understand how marketing works and how you are sold to.

    Because there seem to be so many ways to make money online you may wonder what should you choose.

    I would say do something honest like flipping items, freelancing, sell your artwork.

    Avoid anything that promises easy money.

    You don’t want to lose your family, friends, money, time, energy, and reputation. It is just not worth it.

    The thing is that aggressive marketers want your money.

    Then you will pay them more and more. Until they suck you dry. This is because predators have always targeted desperate and vulnerable people.

    Be careful.

    How to do things

    Learn skills and strategies. Find out what works and what doesn’t from other people.

    You don’t need mental brainwash from Get rich quick Guru people.

    You can find good information online. Wikihow is the page where people explain how to get stuff done.

    Medium is a good online publication. You can find articles by other people about what worked and what didn’t work for them.

    If I would start completely from nothing I would go to skillshare, sign up and learn things.

    Join the Skillshare Community

    It is better to go slow and steady and build something from the ground up than fall into a quick and easy scheme that is designed to suck you dry.

    5 | Not knowing what money making opportunity to choose

    It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it is something that works. Here are a few methods that you could start with.

    • Freelancing
    • Amazon Kindle(kdp) low content book publishing
    • Kindle ebook publishing
    • Selling printables
    • Selling vector graphics
    • Flipping physical things for profit
    • Flipping domains

    Use skillshare to learn skills. It may take some time.

    Join the Skillshare Community

    I don’t know you, your skills, etc. Maybe you are f*cking great artist, super good at SEO or coding, creating game graphics, using illustrator or editing videos, or taking high-quality photos.

    Monetize skills you already have by attracting the right people to you. Then create a product or service out of it.

    6 | Having trouble in choosing the right niche

    Narrow down three times. Make sure that people who are your target audience have the money to spend and that they will spend it on your products and services.

    You have to choose a profitable niche, and sell something that is affordable to people, but has higher perceived value. So they would gladly pay for it.

    7 | Not knowing what to do

    The thing is that after you have clarity on everything, you will need to start building your audience. This means tapping into the existing audience on social media.

    Build your presence online, create content on social media that will attract your ideal customers.

    Target people like you who are actively looking for a solution.

    • Find or create freebie for them to get them on your email list.
    • Set up opt-in page.
    • Add this link to your social media account.

    Final words

    I hope you got some value out of this post. I had so much to say that it would be the size of a book, but having clarity, monetizing existing skills, and attracting an audience first is more important than building a blog or choosing platforms.

    If you want to make money focus on whom you can help and how you can help them.

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