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Work from home with Success – Use your resources wisely

    Pay attention to your resources. In this post, I will share some ideas you may want to integrate into your life to upgrade your life with better choices.

    Hopefully, these ideas will help you.

    This post is part of Work from home with Success Series

    Know how you use your resources: Time, Money, and Energy

    The mistake you may be doing it, not being aware enough of how you spend your time money, and energy.

    You have a certain amount of energy, willpower, time, and money each day.

    Use your resources wisely.

    Let’s start with money

    It is not only about money.

    It is also about how much life you are exchanging for the products you buy.

    We all need shelter, food, clothes, and a bit of entertainment.

    Of course, you are giving your money to people for services, and products you value.

    Sometimes something you value is something you don’t need or have time to use.

    It is good to think about who has your money.

    Listen, you have to stop upgrading everything all the time.

    I am not talking about buying new shoes when your old ones are broken.

    I mean when you have ten pairs of shoes and you buy more just for fun, but if it is important to you then do whatever you want. It is still good to be aware of Why you are working in the first place and to who you are giving your time and money.

    After all you want to use your resources wisely and not end up working only because you have debt to pay of stuff you don’t impress people you don’t even like.

    I know not all the people have debt because they like impress people or are shopping for fun.

    People may have debt for different reasons and use their resources in the best possible way.

    This is reminder for those who have plenty and make ‘bad’ decisions over and over again.

    Stop keeping up with Joneses. Don’t be afraid to be different or like Dave Ramsey would say: Don’t be afraid to be debt-free.

    People may look wealthy when they are actually in debt..and you don’t want to be one of them..and to do so you will not look as good outside, but inside you will feel better.

    This will stop you from going into debt more deeply and later on you will actually have the resources to do things that really matter, once you learn how to manage your money.

    This like everything else will take time especially if you don’t have much money or if you have a lot of debt at the moment or if you have many other things in your life that require your attention.

    Let’s jump into energy, willpower, and time…

    I am a working home mom, and I am a slow learner, but a very persistent one.

    I have also worked for years while taking care of kids…this means between kids’ needs I tried to learn, apply, and create.

    Listen, nobody with a wealthy mentality do this.

    Only people who don’t value themselves enough (think that their accomplishments are the same thing as they value) do this.

    For years I have put a lot of unnecessary stress on myself.

    I always wonder how other ‘Work from home moms’ can do this…
    Well listen, they have kids in daycare, have a nanny, or can work during the naps. Even though they are moms, they don’t do the ‘mom’ things while working.

    If you have kids, I know that not all the kids are quiet, playing by themselves and sleeping their naps…there are different types of days and different types of temperaments this is why not the same good advice can apply to everyone.

    Don’t make the same mistake I made. Don’t bleed your power, energy, and lifeforce out of yourself. Instead, enjoy the time your kids are little.

    You are worthy, you are valuable and you can do anything, but you don’t need to prove anything to anyone, not even yourself.

    Taking care of yourself and your family is the most important thing and most valuable in the long game.

    Kids will grow up. Technology will be even better and you will be more mature so things will get easier. 

    I know this because it took a long time to figure things out, tools were not available for anyone or for cheap. 

    If you are just thinking about working from home and have feelings of guilt, despair, or overwhelm, don’t worry.

    You can start and create one brick at a time.

    You see by starting you are already further than someone who didn’t, and by building one brick at a time, you will be light-years ahead when they start.

    The tale about rabbit and turtle is great for this.

    Try not to compare yourself to others. Especially don’t compare your step one to someone else’s step thirty.

    You may be not there yet, but you will be moving forward each day.

    I hope you found this post helpful and are able to integrate some of the ideas into your personal life to better manage your resources.

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