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Work from home with Success -Understand your value and value of your art

    Who you are and what you have to offer is valuable.

    The mistake you may be doing while working from home is: 

    You don’t understand your value and value of your art.

    Many times we underestimate our skills and expertise and maybe selling ourselves short.

    What you have to offer is valuable.

    What you do is unique, because you bring your twist into it.

    Sometimes we may even be hiding.

    As a creator, you have to put your work out there, because someone is looking to find it right now. 

    As strange as it may be, someone will love what you do.

    People love things that are not perfect but are done by a human.

    Don’t hide. Put your work out there for others to find

    Working hard is not enough. What you really need to do is have the courage to put your work out there for feedback, but also the courage to ask for money. 

    You see money comes from other people

    People will give you money when they know you, trust you, value your work, and when you ask for the money. 

    Asking for money may be having a sales conversation, but it can always be letting people know about your product or service, what it can do for them and how much it costs. 

    Put an offer out there for them.

    Remember do not underestimate your own value and value of your products or services.

    Find supporters

    You may not have people around you who will understand what you are doing, don’t let their opinions get to you.

    Brendon Burchard, When people don’t support you.

    Sometimes people who are close to us have limited beliefs of us (and themselves).

    Find supporters, if you are alone then start supporting yourself.

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