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9 Ways to Make Money with Shopify

    Interesting ways to earn money with Shopify

    In this post, I’m going to talk about different ways you can make money with Shopify. It might be different from what you expect!

    First, let me explain what Shopify is quickly: it’s a tool that helps you make an online store, and it’s pretty easy to use, especially for beginners.

    But because of this ‘almost’, you may have a sweet spot to earn some money.

    This is a quick list of a few ways you can make money with Shopify.

    1 | Build a store with Shopify

    The first and obvious way to make money with Shopify is to use a platform to sell products or services, physical or digital.

    You can use the Shopify platform to sell your products or services, or both.

    There are some cool benefits to Shopify.

    What I am talking about is that even you don’t have something to sell on your hands and you may not have money to buy inventory.

    You can still build up a store, add some products get attention through social media if you have zero money to invest. Make a profit almost from the thin air.

    Open your Online Store Today!

    You will be able to find products through Shopify apps like oberlo, modalyst, spocket etc.

    There is room for everyone to learn and to earn.

    There are multiple cool apps that you can easily integrate with Shopify.

    You may be interested in dropshipping, print-on-demand, or selling digital products.

    This is a great opportunity, but it is not for everybody.

    Read more:

    2 | Sell courses with Shopify (or about Shopify)

    You can use Shopify for selling courses too or even that one course.

    Shopify integrates with multiple LMS (Learning management systems).

    But if courses are the only product you are planning to sell then other platforms may be better alternatives to Shopify.

    Open your Online Store Today!

    3 | Sell Shopify apps

    You can create apps if that is what you do and sell your apps.

    You can earn passive income with the Shopify platform by developing apps for Shopify and selling them on the Shopify apps store for online store owners.

    It is helpful if you are a developer or an app designer then you probably know how skillful you are.

    I have zero skills on this, so all I can do is to tell you about this opportunity and the resources that are available to you.

    You can create a helpful app for Shopify and earn. If I remember correctly it was some % you get from each.

    Work in front or hire someone to create an app for you and earn passively while you sleep when people subscribe to your app!

    Shopify has the best content ever to help you to help users and make a win-win-win-win situation for everybody.

    Take advantage of that content they offer for free and learn whatever path you choose.

    Here are free links provided by Shopify.

    Start where you are, do what you can, and use what you have. Go!

    Browse Shopify app Store for inspiration.


    Offer yourself as a contractor/freelancer and help people to fix problems with their Shopify apps.

    Offer yourself as a contractor/freelancer and help people to improve their apps or develop something new for them.

    Have different pricing for personal use and for commercial use projects (if buyer wants to resell your app). If there is a way for you to benefit from it on the long run try to make comission based deal.

    4 | Make money developing Shopify themes and selling them for profit

    Use Shopify to sell your Premium Shopify themes on Shopify themes store via Shopify

    If you are a developer, you will need a Partner account.

    With a partner account, you can develop your apps and themes, test them, fix them, etc.

     Once again Shopify has great resources on this topic.

    For inspiration take a look at Shopify themes store.

    If you are not a developer you may first need to learn skills before jumping onboard or choose some other method for you that compliments the skills you already have.

    I am not a developer, in this, I really can’t help you.

    I hope that Shopify’s resources will help you out.

    This space will never be too crowded and there will always be space for improvements and new ideas.

    As technology improves and the world changes also needs of customers and online store owners will change.


    • Offer yourself as a contractor/freelancer and help people to fix problems with their Shopify Themes.
    • Offer yourself as a contractor/freelancer and help people to improve something they have or develop something new for them.
    • Have different pricing for personal use custom theme project and for commercial use project (if buyer wants to resell your theme).

    5 | Create Shopify stores and flip them for profit

    You can create the whole store with Shopify and sell it to someone who is a newbie or who doesn’t want to spend time doing it.

    It will cost you to list your site on Flippa but Shopify has also its own place for flipping Shopify stores

    You should take a look at flippa, what sells there, and strive to fill in the gap or improve upon what others are doing.

    Do better than others, it is not that hard. Most people underdeliver.

    Advanced tip: Create a business, that makes money this way you earn much more when you sell it.

    This is very advanced advice and not many will be able to do this.

    It is not for people who are just starting out, in that case, it would take a lot of time, but it is still worth it.

    Flippa has a different listing price for businesses and you may also want to consider a site like, a place where serious sellers and buyers hang on.

    Maybe if you think long term, you invest in your own business rather than building a business and selling it.

    This, of course, depends on the quality and your team size.

    How to make money with Shopify sites?

    You earn when someone buys from you and you’ll get paid and monthly commission from the subscription as long as the site is up and running.

    This is why you will have to use a Partner account to create this store.

    To keep in mind that many will drop their shop and quit you should want to offer help and support for them to keep going this will have your passive income stream coming in.

    A most effective way to help them would be one-to-one help and video courses, you can also point them to resources, but you can’t do everything for them.

    When selling sites you should ask a good amount for them, because you want a buyer to be serious.

    Don’t waste your time on people who don’t deserve it.

    Don’t throw away your skills or your time to swine.

    Understand your own value and value of your skills, your time, and your energy.

    Create stores as a service

    You can sell your Store creation as a service and create stores for your customers.

    In this case, you are not selling pre-made stores and you are not flipping them.

    Notice: Shopify is an e-commerce platform and you are selling either site or business. 

    Which one do you think will sell Website with products or business with customers, traffic, and income?

    6 | Help people with their Shopify Stores

    There are many different ways you can help Shopify store owners and make money.

    It is highly recommended that capitalize on skills you are mastering.

    I have written an article on this topic, you can read it here:

    7 Freelance Strategies for Success Helping Shopify Store Owners

    7 | Promote Shopify and earn as an affiliate

    You can earn money as a Shopify affiliate, join here:

    Shopify affiliates

    8 | Invest in Shopify

    You can buy Shopify shares. Unfortunately, I am not an investor, if you are interested you can look for information elsewhere.

    More info here

    9 | Make money with Shopify apps (Highly Advanced tip)

    If you have a business and can create products or have a warehouse.

    You could create an app for you to distribute your products to Shopify stores Instead of paying other app owners. Wouldn’t that be great?

    This is something that dropshipping apps are and print-on-demand apps do.

    Btw, some of those apps are subscription-based or have other fees included, think about it.


    As you can see there are many ways to make money with Shopify. Do things you are good at. Choose one, learn ins and outs and expand later.


    Think big. Start small. When you can, charge more. Sell products or services. Physical or digital with high perceived value, charge more.

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    9 ways to make money with shopify, It is not what you think.
    9 ways to make money with shopify, It is not what you think.

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