9 Ways to make money with Shopify Not what you think

Interesting ways to Earn money with Shopify

Shopify is a powerful beginner-friendly e-commerce platform. Basically Shopify has a platform you can build your Online Store.
The platform is beginner-friendly, it is easy to learn. So almost anyone can do it. But because of this ‘almost’, you may have a sweet spot to earn some money.
This is a quick list of a few ways you can make money with Shopify.

1. Build a store with Shopify

Basically. You can use the Shopify platform to sell your products or services, or both. There are some cool benefits to Shopify. What I am talking about that even you don’t have something to sell, you can make a profit almost from the thin air. There is room for everyone to learn and to earn.

What I am talking about is apps that help you to dropship and create products for your customers and even personalize products.

This is a great opportunity, but it is not for everybody.

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2. Sell courses with Shopify (or about Shopify)

Well, you can use Shopify for selling courses too or even that one course. Shopify has very nice product pages, optimized for sales.

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3. Sell Shopify apps

You can create apps if that is what you do and sell your apps. Read about Making money with Shopify apps

Make money selling Shopify apps


4. Create and sell Shopify themes

Find out how to make money creating Shopify themes.


5. Create Shopify stores and flip them for profit

6. Help people with their Shopify Stores

There are many different ways you can help Shopify store owners, just choose one that is complimenting your skills.


7. Promote Shopify and earn as an affiliate


8. Invest in Shopify

You can buy Shopify shares. Unfortunately, I am not an investor, if you are interested you can look for information elsewhere.

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9. Make money with Shopify apps (Highly Advanced tip)

This tip is really advanced and from my perspective only highly focused business owners with deep pockets can do this. What I am suggesting here is done by various Shopify apps as an example of Print-on-demand services, When having equipment to make things and other people are basically doing all the work marketing and selling, they are wrapping high margins. If you have the guts to do something similar, go for it. This is worth money-making ideas. Strive to think big.

A bonus tip here: Sell something with high perceived value.

Another example may be drop shipping service or print on demand service that has monthly subscription fee and other alternative fees. If you can come up with some ideas, go for it.


Wrapping up

As you can see there are many opportunuties to make money with Shopify.

Choose something you are good at.

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