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18 Writing services to offer as freelance writer

    Are you considering providing your skills as a writing service, but don’t know yet how? Put your worries aside. I have 18 creative ideas you can put into action as a skilled writer and turn into money!

    Notice: This post was written before AI tools. My personal opinion is to use AI as a personal assistant, not as a machine that spits content out.

    1 | Blog content writing services

    Writing is not for everyone. Business owners and bloggers are busy. They need to have high-quality content available for their readers. That is when you come in as a freelance writer.
    Writing high-quality blog content can be difficult and time-consuming. At least it is for me.

    Selling Writing services as freelance writer can help other who don't have your expertise

    Words don’t come easyyy…to me

    In some cases, you may get an outline, and keywords while in others it will be expected that you know how to do keyword research as well.

    If keyword research is included or it is expected from you to provide graphics then charge more.

    Verblio is one place you can start with.

    Where you can offer/find gigs




    2 | Guest blogging writing services

    You can write guest blog posts on behalf of companies or bloggers who are busy doing other things.

    Your job is to write an article for them.

    Their job will be to post it to the site they want to guest post to.

    You will not get credit for this, only monetary compensation.

    Where you can find guest blogging gigs



    3 | Social media content writing services

    You can provide social media content writing services if that is something you know how to do.

    It is very important to know what you are doing. You will be posting on behalf of other people who have their reputations at stake.
    You don’t want to be the person who gives them a bad rep.
    Your job will be to create engaging content for their target audience.

    You have to be familiar with the different platforms and understand how to write for each one.

    4 | Video script writing services

    Ecommerce is booming. Both online store owners and creators need help selling their products and services.
    They are looking for these services to showcase their products in ads, on social media, etc.

    If this is something you can pull off then now it’s the time.

    Where you can find Video scripting gigs


    5 | Copywriting services

    As a copywriter, you can create effective copy for online and offline marketing.

    Being able to write for people in their language and help them to make buying decisions is not easy.

    Help brands, startups, and small business owners to grow and make sales. Build your own skills and reputation on the side.

    Where you can find copywriting gigs


    6 | Product description writing services

    As eCommerce is booming there is no better time in history to jump in the Ecom wagon!

    Every day people are opening online stores and not everyone has a wordsmith in them.

    If you are great at describing products, then what you should do is specialize in this one niche.

    You can price well for only a few sentences.


    7 | Email outreach, emails, and newsletters

    If this is the skill you have then consider selling it as a service. It is a high-value skill even if it comes easy to you.

    It is not something everyone can do. I know I don’t.

    Check out Freelancing websites, Linkedin, and Facebook groups. Look for groups with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

    8 | Writing study notes

    This service is a bit different from all other services I mentioned in this post.

    If you are a student then you can sell your lection notes.

    Where to sell your lection notes




    If you are not a student then there is a service that will pay you for going to lass to take notes!


    If you happen to have other studying materials, you can sell them on👇


    9 | Writing essays

    There is a huge demand for essay writers. If this is something you are good at then now is the great time to tap into this.
    Your essay may be used by some students. The essay service point is not to give essays to students, it is to help people.
    Of course, some people will abuse the system.


    10 | Ghostwriting service

    Many people want to write a book, article, blog post, etc. Not everyone is a skilled writer like you.
    Help them to put ideas on the paper in order that makes any sense.
    Write their stories for them 👻

    Ghostwriting means that you will not get any credit for your work only the payment.

    Where you can sell your ghostwriting services



    11 | Resumes and cover letters

    Many people are looking for work right now. Competition among these people is high.

    If you will be able to help them to be able to stand out and showcase their skills in a better light then you should try it out.

    12 | Transcribing videos

    You can make money transcribing other people’s videos. You can make even more money if you know many languages.

    Where can you find video transcribing gigs



    13 | Translating

    If you know multiple languages then there are some places can try to make money.


    14 | Editing and proofreading services

    As a writer, you know how important it is to have your work edited and proofread before it is sent out to clients.

    You can offer your services as an editor or proofreader to clients who need help with their writing.

    15 | Drafting services

    As a freelance writer, you could also offer a drafting service and help your customers turn rough drafts into finished pieces.

    Help them with grammar, syntax, and other common writing issues, or just provide feedback on their work.

    16 | Slides and presentations

    Writing and rewriting slides, presentations, and notes may be on-demand. It is a service you can provide for small businesses, teachers, and online instructors.

    You can also seek out beginners who don’t know yet how to present their ideas just yet.

    Where to look

    Facebook groups, where teachers hang out, and freelancer websites.

    17 | Online course content

    Many people want o to create online courses and have a lot of materials they just don’t know how to do it. Some people may know how to do it, but are very busy and full of ideas.

    Seek out teachers, coaches, and online instructors.

    Help them to do it and make money.

    Where to find gigs?

    Look on freelancing websites





    18 | Writing training and consultation services

    As a skillful writer, you may be able to offer your clients writing training or tutoring services depending on your customer.



    I hope you got some ideas from this list. Choose one writing service you can provide now, find your first client, and start earning.
    Always go with your most complimentary skill and offer it as a service to the client who values it.

    Choose your clients carefully. Don’t sell your skills and creativity short. What you have to offer has value for them.
    Remember that you work with them, and are not their employee.

    Thank you for reading ❤️

    Did you find any idea that you are going to execute?

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