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Work from home with success – Make mistakes and fail

    In this very short post, I will share my favorite ideas on how not to get discouraged and keep going even when you make mistakes and fail.

    This post is part of Work from home with Success Series

    Make mistakes, it’s okay. Mistakes are signs that you are trying and doing something new. 

    Allow yourself to grow.

    My favorite quote by Thomas A. Edison:

    I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

    Let this quote inspire you to try things without fear of failure.

    You see, when things are not going exactly as you have planned in your head, it is okay.

    That is called life, not a failure. 

    Try your best and if that is not working, now you have more information about the problem so you are able to try new approaches with what you know (but didn’t know before).

    I hope this small piece of encouragement was helpful and you can take it in your heart and build on it.

    Let me know your thoughts on making mistakes and ‘failing’.

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