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Work from home with success – Fix your Money Mindset

    You might be surprised to learn how much a positive mindset affects your attitude towards money and your success… 

    Wealthy people expect to make money; they see themselves as rich and deeply believe that they will succeed.

    Wealth is part of their identity. 

    Think of how many people you know who say, “I never have any money”.

    If that’s what they believe, then that’s what will exactly happen for them.

    Changing your mindset to truly believing in your success is crucial to reaching your goals.

    You need to believe that you can and give yourself permission to enjoy good fruits life can offer to you.

    I know that when you are not born wealthy(in a middle-class family, who has more than enough) then you will probably not have an attitude of being king of the world and deserving everything good, because that is not what you have experienced.

    When experiences are bad and repetitive it is very hard to believe or even be aware that good things could happen to you.

    If you are not a middle-class kid then you have different feelings and thoughts towards money than if you are.

    Even a person who is born and raised by middle-class parents may have thoughts about money that are not uplifting especially if there was not enough even when parents were working.

    No matter who you are and where you come from you may have limiting beliefs that may be blocking your eyesight and that is why you are not able to see what good is already available to you.

    Money affirmations

    You must believe that you are worthy of money.

    Repeat after me:

    I am worthy of money.

    You are allowed to have money and keep the money.

    Repeat after me:

    I am allowed to have money.

    I am allowed to keep the money.

    You are allowed to grow your money.

    Repeat after me:

    I am allowed to want more money.

    I am allowed to grow money.

    I give myself permission to want money, have money, keep money, and let my money grow.

    //Write these affirmations down and repeat them to yourself often.

    Add some of your own too.

    What do you think about money? Scroll to comment below 👇

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