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Success in Remote Work: Prioritize Self-Care While Working from Home

    Having an online business, and working from home may easily lead to burnout.

    This is why I made this short post it is one of my small tips on how to work from home more sustainably without quitting or giving up.

    It is important to live a balanced life as possible.

    Sleeping, eating, and reducing stress is very important.

    One Mistake you may be doing is not putting yourself first.

    You are not putting yourself first

    What does it mean to put yourself first and how it will be reflected in your life if you are not?

    A good reason to take care of yourself first is that you will not run without yourself and you will not be able to help others if you are not in shape, haven’t clear thoughts and direction, or haven’t taken good care of your money.

    How to put yourself first

    If you are used to putting your spouse, your kids, co-workers, friends, or family first then what you need to do is to learn how to say no.

    By saying yes to someone, you are saying no to yourself. Make sure that when you say yes it is something that will give you something back for example happiness, and joy. 

    No, I don’t mean for you to go after seeking pleasure. What I mean is to take care of others in moderation.

    Try to keep a healthy balance between giving and taking.

    You have two hands. One hand to help yourself and the other one for helping others.

    Keep this in mind while living your life.

    I hope this short post reminded you to take care of yourself more.

    If you find this useful and interesting share it 👍

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