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No BS advice to make money with affiliate marketing

    Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. I will share here tips that beginner affiliate marketers don’t know.

    What affiliate marketing is

    • Affiliate marketing is driving the right people to the products and services that are created and sold by someone else.
    • Find affiliate programs for your favorite products and services.
    • Look up if there is still demand.
    • Are you capable to promote them.
    • Can you bit up your competitors with ads, branding, or search engine optimization?
    • Then, join those affiliate programs.
    • Promote these products and services
    • Collect emails

    How affiliate marketing works

    After you find a good affiliate marketing program and join it you will get access to promotional materials.

    In most cases, you will get a link that will identify who you are, so company will know who to pay commissions to.

    You may also get a coupon code and maybe even banners or product images.

    By sharing this link or coupon code, you will earn a commission every time someone uses that link to purchase.

    You will need to “promote” that link.

    You can join Affiliate networks like ShareASale and choose Brands, products, and services you want to promote.

    Can you make money with affiliate marketing

    Yes, you can make money with affiliate marketing. People are making money with affiliate marketing all the time.

    There are many ways to do so.

    • The wrong way (beginner way) by simply sharing links all over the place.
    • Sharing affiliate links in relevant places
    • Providing value by being engaged in groups and forums + sharing affiliate links now and then.
    • Adding links to blog posts
    • Sharing blog posts on Social media + in relevat groups
    • Creating converting blog content around affiliate products & services (Reviews, Comparisons, How-tos) + Sharing them.
    • Collecting emails before sending to affiliate offers 🤯

    You can make money and do it in multiple different ways.

    Start from something, adjust as you go.

    When you grow your audience and gain trust making money with affiliate marketing will be easier.

    Secret that beginner affiliate marketers don’t know

    The secret that beginners don’t grasp is to share affiliate liks with people who know, like, and trust you. Sharing with others is waste of time.

    Think about it. Would you care if some stranger stops you on the street and tell that there are beautiful red women shoes 50% off in that shop across the street?

    No, you would think this person is Cuckoo.

    Also if someone would give you bad negative revies about something you don’t care about.

    If it is not relative for you, yuo didn’t ask for help and you don’t know that person it is likely that you will not care about that persons opinion all that much.

    Don’t be that person, don’t be stranger yelling good and bad and what people should and should not be, do or have.

    Instead be very specific. Do what you like to do and integrate affiliate marketing into that.

    People will resonate if you have same intrest and when you have that inside knowledge you just shared with them.

    How to do affiliate marketing in 2022

    As example you try to do something film video and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

    That is called value. Your knowledge will save people from too much trial and error, frustraition and quitting. It will help them to choose correct product or service with your help.

    Try to find a way to get people to know you so they can decide if they like you or not and then let them trust you by being trustworthy.

    This is something you can’t pretend about, make sure that the niche you choose is something you truly care about.

    People will not care before they know how much you care.

    What not to do as a beginner affiliate marketer

    Some beginners who haven’t got proper guidance may think that slapping affiliate links all over the place will do it for them.

    They are so desperate for the money that they do this.

    In this case, it is absolutely a must to take distance, no matter how hungry you are.

    Sharing affiliate links on youtube, Facebook, and forums are a waste of time. Sure someone may sign up, but that is not the point.

    Your point should not be making “easy money” by spamming other creators’ content or sh*tting all over the place.

    Your point should be to collect like-minded people from the same place and share with them stuff they care about.

    Build up a community of people and they will buy products and services you share with them.

    This way you will be able to make money with affiliate marketing in a genuine way.

    How to start affiliate marketing with no money

    This is how I would do it when starting from scratch.

    • Pick a Niche
    • Choose affiliate programs with products & services you have already tried/used in this niche.
    • Pick Social media platform that is comfortable for you to use and where people who are interested in this niche hang out.
    • Start creating content that is relevant to your target audience.
    • Promote affiliate products & services of your choice.
    • Create a freebie to grab people’s emails and then send them to your affiliate promotions.

    Affiliate marketing basics

    Sometimes you work for a commission and affiliate marketing is like that, but you will be more successful when you know these few principles that I am going to share with you in this post.

    • Money comes from other people.
    • Never promote anything that you haven’t bought and used yourself.
    • You want always to sell and recommend quality. This way you can keep trust and reputation.
    • A winner is a person who lasts longer by doing small things well.
    How to win in affiliate marketing

    Time matters, because with time, you improve, and you become better.

    It is very easy to do wrong(bad) things online, promote terrible products and services and get yourself and your loved ones in trouble even if you could win a lot in the short run, it will not be sustainable and could ruin your reputation in the long run.

    Don’t underestimate trust and reputation. They both are hard to build and easy to lose.

    It is always harder to build something of value. Remember this and don’t give up. Things will take time, probably much longer than you expect.

    Rome wasn't build in a day, affiliate marketing will also take time

    If you succeed earlier then it is just a pleasant surprise.

    What you need to know as a beginner in the affiliate marketing

    If you are starting from scratch it is good to know that to make money with affiliate marketing you need to find high-quality products or services and people who would love to buy these products.

    Your job is to connect these two by attracting people through your content and your brand to high-quality businesses.

    You are helping yourself to make money, that business to get new customers and make more sales, and these people who are always looking to buy and to try new things to fix their problems or urge to get the newest trendy items.

    Affiliate marketing is driving the right people to the right offers.

    Connecting with people can be done in multiple ways, for example, you can use social media, forums, youtube videos, or a website to communicate your message to people.

    This group of people is your target audience.

    Three things you may want to write down to yourself just to keep in mind.

    While communicating your message you may want to tell them(the right people) about products that are useful for them, products that will help them to reach the next level.

    You don’t want to be telling about different products to different people, no, no.

    What you want to do is talk about something you know and like to talk about. Something you have interested in, something people are looking to buy, and something they need want (cure, help, solution, joy).

    This may sound overwhelming at least it was to me.

    Because I wanted to create honest and legal things and I am not willing to recommend things that will not work or can even harm people.

    For a long time, I didn’t find anything worthy. Now times are different and products and services are better once you understand that you have to avoid everything that smells like sh*t, and looks like s*it, because it is probably just that.

    Sometimes people have good intentions, but the product may not be worth the price anyway. It happens.

    Those individuals and companies who evolve and improve deserve a chance, but those who just put something together from old free PLR articles…avoid these people and don’t be that person.

    Niches I don’t recommend

    This is my personal opinion, but if you are not a professional in health and fitness and don’t know about it, understand it, etc then it may not be for you.

    If you end up promoting diet smoothies or fitness programs they may harm people.

    This is why it is very important to know about the topic and have expertise.

    Another one is baby products dropshipped from china. You can’t be sure that they are safe this is why I don’t recommend getting into this niche.

    Only promote brands and people you trust and products you have personally tested.

    Products and services I love and recommend

    Here I will share products and services I use, love, and can share without a doubt.

    It took years to find products I can stand behind, they did not exist when I got started, fortunately, things have improved over the years and these quality services exist now.

    See timing matters, learning and staying, not quitting are important pieces of the puzzle.


    Skillshare online learning and teaching community. Learn about Online business and Creativity.


    Shopify for building any kind of legal online store. Secure, headache-free solution for eCommerce businesses.

    Shopify is really great for dropshipping, selling print-on-demand products, and digital products.

    It is only $29/month which is a fair price for not having to worry about updates.


    Printful is my number one choice for Print-on-demand service because it can be integrated into many platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

    They are always evolving. They keep up with trends and provide up-to-date content to sellers about everything in the industry.

    They add new products all the time and even have now a lot of graphics you can use if you don’t happen to be a designer just yet.

    You can still create something beautiful for yourself, gift it to a friend, or even list it for sale on Etsy.

    These three are the best of the best platforms for me, and I recommend them to you if you want to learn something, want to open an online store or want to start selling custom products online.

    These are affiliate links and I do get a small amount if you decide to join, use or buy from these services, it will cost nothing extra to you, but you help me at the same time while you get the benefits of these services and service providers to get a new customer and can keep improving their services.

    Even though I do recommend these services they may not be good for your audience.

    If you are in a blogging niche, make money niche, or selling artwork niche they are perfect!

    You can try them out for yourself.

    How you make money with affiliate marketing

    • You use some products that are super great right?
    • You want to tell about them to everyone who could benefit from them, right?
    • Do you want to benefit by telling about products to the right people?

    All you have to do is to join the product’s affiliate/partner or referral program and get the link with your affiliate code in it.

    When you share your link and a person uses it and buys a product then you will get a small amount.

    This will not cost extra to that person and you must mention that it is an affiliate link and you will get something out of it, but that you do use the product yourself and it has helped you a lot.

    What to keep in mind in affiliate marketing?

    You need to add value to your target market. This is done with content creation such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, or email courses.

    • Get attention by attracting like-minded people to you.
    • This is why is a good idea to be interested in what you create content about.
    • It is so much easier to attract people to you then.

    This is why I always is so easy for white middle-class people and much harder for everyone else.

    If you are a white middle-class person just do what you are already doing and add affiliate links(and affiliate disclaimers) in your content.

    Assuming that you are already sharing everything you are consuming. If you are focused on one specific thing, even better!

    You have to join the affiliate program that is helpful for your audience and get the link you can share with your audience to get commissions.

    For bloggers, I have put some affiliate suggestions here.

    If you are using a product or have tried it out that is always better than randomly recommending something.

    Make affiliate links prettier

    If you have a WordPress blog then you may want to install a plugin called pretty links to make your affiliate links nice looking.

    I have also used Thirsty affiliates.

    Make sure that the plugin is up to date and goes well with your current(latest) WordPress version.

    Check out the terms of service of your affiliate program, some do not allow to make links shorter.

    Read terms of service carefully

    You must read an affiliate contract when you join the program, they may have some rules you don’t want to break.

    Pay attention to what kind of places you can put banners, links, and logos. Can you recommend products via email, social media or use paid ads.

    Different companies have their own rules.

    Add Affiliate disclaimer

    You must put a disclaimer on your website and tell about it being an affiliate link in videos.

    Build email list

    Ask people to subscribe to your newsletter. Offer them something worth value.

    This way you will be able to stay in touch with them.

    Final words

    Make money with affiliate marketing, start small, learn ins and outs and apply what you learn. Then adjust and improve. Follow the money.

    Remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort so choose activities that will make you more money:

    • Popular affiliate products and services, that people want
    • High paying products and services
    • Subscription-based products and services people will use (use=need=money flow)

    Don’t forget to focus on quality. Use and share quality products with people who know, like, and trust you.

    Remember that is harder to build things of value than a pile of s*it. It is harder to build and keep a good reputation and people’s trust than to mess it up. Try to be extra careful when you lead.

    Thank you for reading🤩 . Now I hope that you have a better idea of affiliate marketing🧐 .

    Scroll down and share your thoughts and suggestions below 👇

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