How to make money with affiliate marketing

 Make money with affiliate marketing

You make money online and offline by selling products and services. Sometimes you work for commission and affiliate marketing is like that, but you will be more successful when you know these few principles that I am going to share with you.

Money comes from other people. You want always to sell and recommend quality. A winner is a person who lasts longer by doing small things well consistently.

Time matters, because with time, you improve and become better.

What you need to know as a beginner in the affiliate marketing

If you are starting from scratch it is good to know that to make money with affiliate marketing you need to find people to connect to

Connecting with people can be done in multiple ways, for example, you can use social media, forums, youtube videos, or a website to communicate your message to people.

You could start your own group on Facebook and use others Groups to build an audience.

This group of people in your market. In marketing, this is called a target audience. It is a specific group of people with similar interests, who like to be grouped together and like to improve together.

Here are some niches that have audiences like these: Health, Wealth, Parenting, Gardening, Survival, Work-related, Hobbies related.

Three things you may want to write down to yourself just to keep in mind.

You need people, the right people to receive your message.

Without people, you can’t make money online or offline.

You get money from other people.

While communicating your message you may want to tell them (the right people) about products that are useful for them, products that will help them out to reach the next level.

You don’t want to be telling about different products to different people, no, no.

What you want to do is talk about something you like to talk about. Something you have interested in, something people are looking to buy, and something they need(cure, help, solution).

This may sound overwhelming at least it was to me. Because I wanted to create honest and legal things and I am not willing to recommend things that will not work or can even harm people. Personally, I think health and beauty niches are like that.

It took years to find products I can stand behind, they did not exist when I got started, fortunately, things have improved over the year and these quality services exist now. See timing matters, learning and staying, not quitting are important pieces of the puzzle.

As you read this blog you see a lot of suggestions to

  • Skillshare online courses learning and teaching platform.
  • Shopify online store platform for anything.
  • Printful is my number one choice for Print on-demand service.

These three are the best of the best platforms for me, and I recommend them for you if you want to learn something, want to open an online store, or want to start selling custom products online. These are affiliate links and I do get a small amount if you decide to join, use or buy from these services, it will cost nothing extra to you, but you help me at the same time while you get the benefits of these services and service providers to get a new customer and can keep improving their services.

Even I do recommend these services they may not be good for your audience. If you are in a blogging niche, make money niche, or selling artwork niche they are perfect!

How you make money with affiliate marketing

  • You use some products that are super great right?
  • You want to tell about them to everyone who could benefit from them, right?
  • Do you want to benefit by telling about products to the right people?

All you have to do is to join the product’s affiliate/partner or referral program and get the link with your affiliate code in it.

When you share your link and a person uses it and buys a product then you will get a small amount. This will not cost extra to that person and you must mention that it is an affiliate link and you will get something out of it, but that you do use the product yourself and it has helped you a lot.

What to keep in mind in affiliate marketing?

  • You need to add value to your target market. This is done with content creation such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, or email courses.
  • You have to join the affiliate program that is helpful for your audience and get the link you can share with your audience to get commissions. For bloggers, I have put some affiliate suggestions here.
  • If you are using a product or have tried it out that is always better than randomly recommending something.
  • If you have a WordPress blog then you may want to install a plugin called pretty links to make your affiliate links nice looking.
  • You must read an affiliate contract when you join the program, they may have some rules you don’t want to break. Pay attention to what kind of places you can put banners, links, and logo. Can you recommend products in email, social media or use paid ads. Different companies have their own rules.
  • You must put a disclaimer on your website and tell about it being an affiliate link in videos.
  • It is not a bad idea at all to offer some sort of freebie ebook or a course (collect emails) and afterward mentions a related product, which can be a free webinar to your audience. Email is important to stay in touch with your crowd.

Now I hope that you have a better idea of affiliate marketing. Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below, thanks.

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