9 ways to promote affiliate offers

There are multiple ways to promote affiliate marketing offers

Here are few ideas on how to can promote affiliate offers, but make sure that your affiliate network or product/service terms allow you to do that.

You have to let people know that you are an affiliate and you benefit from mentioning certain products. Keep in mind that whatever you promote must be relevant to that person.

In many cases, it is better to write a post about a product and service and then link there, instead of directly linking to an affiliate product, that way you give your audience a choice to decide if that really will fit their needs. This way you will be able to establish a deeper connection with them and maybe if you have an opt-in and interesting blog, they may sign up to your mailing list to keep in touch with them.

How you can “promote” affiliate products

1 | Face to face

We all have used great products and services, we wanted to brag about to our peers and friends. Affiliate marketing is similar, but you just tell that you are affiliated with the company because the product is just so great and has worked for you so well that you joined in their affiliate program and that you will earn a small commission by recommending it if a person chooses to use your affiliate link and wants to buy service or products voluntarily.

Recommend what you like, show how it works, give a sample or give people to try it, but do not be too sellsy. Nobody likes sellsy people. People love to feel that they have made decisions themselves.

2 | In groups

You can recommend your affiliate marketing offers to people both offline and online if this is in terms of the affiliate program you joined. Each affiliate program may have it’s own conditions and terms. If appropriate let people know about your helpful product or service.

You should look around for communities in your niche on Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Forums and even by commenting on other blogs. But it is better to leave a link to your content on your website about the product rather than link directly to the product.

In some cases you can leave the link to the product, but not in every case. Many services and forums will ban you. It is much better to build something long-lasting and have a relationship with people you are trying to help rather than spamming all over and

3 | In messenger

Let’s say you are in a Facebook group and someone is asking for a solution and if you happen to have one you can send them a private message and let them know.  But you need to become friends first and send more than just a link.

4 | In an email (read terms of affiliate program)

You can send an email to your friends with affiliate links if you know that the offer will be beneficial for them at this point. If you have a list of emails then depending on affiliate program terms and your email marketing provider you may send affiliate offers to your list.

I suggest planning ahead the customer journey and that way offering products otherwise you will just overwhelm them and people will not know what to buy.

That is why educating them is very important.

Tell them that there is a solution to their problem and show them the end result and how it works. Do not forget to add up their self-confidence.

5 | In videos & descriptions

Promoting affiliate offers with videos can be done by talking about products and offers in videos by making comparisons, reviews or tutorials, but also by adding links below the video and in the video if possible.

Point is to make a product or offer familiar to consumers and make it easily available for them. Also in videos do not forget disclaimers.

6 | In-text message

Of course, you can send your affiliate links via text messages, keep in mind that with old phones this will not be a good idea or for people who don’t have access to the internet from their phones.

Only text to people you know/have permission to text to and when they ask for your advice.

7 | In blog/website

This is the most popular way to promote affiliate offers through email and social media. Reason for this because you can review, compare, create tutorials, make instructions, explain, take photos, offer lead magnets, and so on, but also place links, banners and ask people to take a look.

8 | Forums

Forums like social media sites are popular for people to have a conversation. some people spend lots of time asking questions and are lazy to figure things out for themselves.

Forums are a great place to make people become aware of your affiliate offers as long as you follow affiliate product terms & forum guidelines.

Always remember to add an affiliate disclaimer.

9 | Blog comments

I have seen so much spam in blogs, social media, and youtube videos, but some people say it works.

What I say..use affiliate links wisely, leave thoughtful and helpful comments and send people to your site by having Avatar rather than adding a link unless you just wrote a post about the same topic.


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