How to Find a Niche For Your Blog

Before you start a blog or do anything you have to make research and find a profitable niche you will focus your efforts on.

You need to think, brainstorm, look around and make decisions.

Here are things to think about before starting a blog, creating product or doing anything else. Keep in mind that these are listed in not specific order.

Know Yourself

Who are you? What you like to do?

Brainstorm 🧠⚡💡

  • What do you like?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What you like to talk about?
  • What problems do you like to solve?
  • What problems you have solved in the past?

It will be a lot easier for you if you choose something you are good at and are passionate about, so think about it and write as many ideas down as you can come up with if you don’t have any ideas yet.

People commit to things when things they commit to are somehow fun for them. Make sure that you choose something you like.

Then let’s say you like meal prepping and let’s jump into the next one 👇

Know your niche audience

A niche audience is a group of people who are interested in a specific topic and are actively looking for answers, products, and engagement online with like-minded people.

Women and mothers are more likely to talk with each other and support each other and share each other’s stuff when men with health issues will not.

This is why it is important to know who is your audience, where they spend their time, and what are their needs and expectations.

Decide who will you serve

Who you will help and how will you help them.

This will become your slogan and your elevator pitch. Make it something that you are not embarrassed to say loud when someone will ask who are you and what you do.

Your slogan will be something like this.

“Hi, My name is Sam and I help single mothers on the budget to prep meals

Most likely people who you can help are people who are just like you or who are struggling with something you have struggling with before.

By all means, it doesn’t have to be a “struggle” it can also be something that they want to learn and are passionate about.

Did you ever have a hunger for knowledge? If so, you know what I am talking about. Feed them, feed your people.

Narrow down, don’t be generalist

Narrow down, don’t be generalist. Be specific.

When people will be looking for help, answers, and solutions they will most likely go to specialists or experts in the industry. You want to be that one person on your mind. When you are rememberable, you don’t need to push so hard.

Being very specific is one reason why niche blogs have done so well through the years. Because they were focused on a specific topic to help a specific group of people.

Niche blogs were set up and forget types of blogs. Nowadays you need to give more value than that and actually commit to what you do.

To become an authority or so-called expert you will need to make yourself (your blog and what you say) rememberable.

People have attention span of a gold fish, not really. It is shorter.

To stay on their mind you will need to do some circus tricks.

This can be spamming people with emails, be annoying on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube or it can be done with very good branding. The point is to be rememberable and to stay on their mind.

What you want to do is to stand out, focus on one specific narrowed down a niche, and brand yourself to be rememberable.

This is why…

  • No one will pick a general book in the library if they are looking for answers to a specific problem.
  • Would you go to Walmart or a jewelry store to buy a bracelet for your girlfriend?
  • Would you go to general doctor or specialist when having specific health issue?

Don’t be Supermarket or Jack of All trades/Jane of all trades.

Just kidding. Be Jack or Jane, but don’t tell that to people. The only reason to this is to be good at something and get your leg into the door after that you can grow.

All successful people start with one thing and they put all their attention into that one thing until it gets off.

When they have a team working for them without them then they may go after other business opportunities, ideas, and projects.

Come up to people as experts on one specific field first.

Come up to people as experts on one specific field first.

How would this look like after narrowing it even more down?

“Hi, My name is Sam and I help single mothers on the budget to prep vegan meals for kids

Label yourself

It is not about you, it is about them.

Most people will look at you and without knowing anything about you they will judge you. This is kinda good and bad at the same time.

1) You don’t know or see yourself fully.

2) Others don’t know or see you fully.

Because this is the case anyway, judgment should not matter. Anything is as true.

What is my point here is you can be anything you want and you don’t need to be fancy, just be confident and be the first one who labels you.

You can be anything you want and you don’t need to be fancy, just be confident and be the first one who labels you.

Talk nicely about yourself, be positive and kind, listen to people(and improve when you get valuable feedback) and do your best.

But don’t be too nice, because people will walk over you, that’s what they tend to do to the nice people.

I have seen people with almost zero skills, but with confidence in fancy clothes showing up like they were the masters. I must admit that I envy those people a little bit.

Fools are too confident when wise are questioning themselves.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

Bertrand Russell

Knowing this and knowing that people create terrible stuff all the time and are proud of that should actually give you some confidence to stand up and speak your truth which is no better or worse than anyone else’s truth, nor it is more true or false.

One thing you will need to do and it is choose side. Decide who you are going to be, how you are going to show up and who you are going to serve.

How to be rememberable

Why be rememberable? When people remember you, they will come to you. They will search for things with your name because they will be looking for your advice.

The opposite of this would be constantly reminding them about your existence with emails, social media posts, or ads (which is not a bad option if you are selling high ticket items that are highly converting and you have systems in place).

How to be rememberable then?

You can be rememberable in many different ways.

It is easier to be more rememberable if you have photos of yourself on your website and social media channels.

Do you have funny, interesting features on your face, your hair, or your style that people could easily remember?

Things like these could be like glasses, scarves, colorful hair, or hair with interesting cuts. Maybe you like to wear fancy earrings or they are handmade.

But also you may have freckles or anything else. Yes, it can be anything.

For example, maybe you have a crazy passion for something or you like a certain food or you always shop at a certain place or admire certain people anything this type make you stand out.

You don’t need to share too personal things about yourself, but you can choose two or three things that help people remember you better and that you are willing to share about yourself.

This is example how someone could remember you.

“Oh, that girl in the pink hat, who loves donuts and cats, reads lots of books and listen to Tony Robbins. She preaches about the importance of being yourself.”

If you make videos that make it easier to stay on people’s minds. Because they can see your gestures and hear your voice.

People like other people, not perfect magazine people in pictures. Use it to your advantage.

Be brave, show others example that they too don’t have to be perfect and that they too are able to make things happen.

Maybe you are not ready yet to make those videos just yet, it is okay. If you can I recommend trying it.

Being rememberable can also come from how you do things, but first people need to see you and know you exist.

When they notice you and pay attention to you they will see how you do things and make up their mind if you are someone they like or not. If you are worthy of their attention and if they would like to follow you and listen to you or not.

You cannot please everyone and like we talked about in the beginning of this article you will not please everyone and you don’t have to.

You will need to attract specific people and the right people will love you.

Almost no one says this but, people who you attract should be people who like you and people who you like, relationship should be based on trust and remind close relationships like friendships.

Profitable niche

Profitable niche means niche where you can make money. To make money there should be people looking to buy things, there should be products available you can promote and it should be possible for you.

  • Use Google trends to see if your niche is trending or not
  • Make Google search and see if people also ask pops up
  • Scroll down and see related searches
  • Notice if you see any ads


It is not a bad idea to go after something that is evergreen. Evergreen basically means fear, pain, passion-based human problems that people are always struggling with and wishing to improve.

  • Health
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Lifestyle/Passion

People will always want to:

  • look good
  • stay healthy
  • live longer
  • lose weight
  • attract partner
  • get more money
  • win in life.

People will always look for answers in these niches and will always buy products to get fast relief and quick fixes and this makes these niches evergreen.


When you did that Google search did you see other websites in search? Having competition is healthy, but going to compete against someone who is established authority is not so wise.

What to do instead is to target long-tail keywords. And build content around it.

How would you know if someone is established or not.

  • Use free Chrome extension: Moz tool.
  • Install it.
  • Make Google search.
  • See if someone with lower authority shows up on the first page

If someone with low domain authority shows up in search this may mean that you two may have a chance. That of course depends on the quality of your content, how relevant your content is to people who are searching for this specific topic.

Products for sale

To be able to make money you will need to promote something or be able to sell your own products eventually. It is important to see if there are products available for purchase and that people are actually buying them.

You can go to Amazon or elsewhere and see what is best selling in your niche.

Read reviews especially bad ones, you don’t want to promote things that get broken easily. From reviews, you can always learn to create or find better products and get an idea of the expectations people have when they purchase certain items.


Find out if there are other bloggers, youtubers or Instagram influencers who are affiliates to products in your niche.

If you find these people you can benefit by promoting the same products as they do, but also contact them later and ask to become your affiliates when you create your own products.

Overall it is a good sign if there are products you can promote and that someone is already promoting them.

Wrapping up

Yes, there are many things you will need to think about when choosing your niche, but it will help you a lot in the long run to stay focused and ignore distractions that will not serve you or your audience.

Quick recap

  1. Know yourself – What you like, what you are passionate about, and in what you are good at.
  2. Know your audience – Specific group of people who are interested in a specific topic and are actively looking for answers, products, and engagement online with like-minded people.
  3. Decide who you are going to serve – Decide who you are going to help and how you are going to help them.
  4. Narrow down, don’t be a generalist – Be specific and stay focused.
  5. Label yourself – Label yourself before others do. Create a personal brand and be a positive influencer. Make a positive impact in people’s lives.
  6. Be rememberable – It can be your looks, your voice, your voice, things you like, and how you things.
  7. A profitable niche is evergreen, has competition, products, affiliates.

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