7 Ways to make money helping Shopify store owners

How you can make Make money helping Shopify Store owners?

There are many ways to make money with Shopify and one is by offering help to Shopify Store owners. You can offer services independently or through freelance services like Fiverr, Upwork, guru, and many more.

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. It is growing every year. That means that new people open up online stores every day.

No matter if it is someone new or someone who already has Shopify stores you can offer your help as a service.

Why? Running an Online business in the eCommerce industry is not a piece of cake especially without any kind of help or support. There are so many moving parts that are just is almost impossible for a complete beginner to do, especially if expectations are high and the skill level is low.

People who have or have had multiple stores are very aware of the help they need. You have many chances to offer whatever you got.


Make money helping Shopify owners

Helping Shopify owners is a very good money-making method. Like I always say Focus.

How you can help Shopify owners depends on the skill set you already have. The best you can do is to use the skills and talents that you already have. The second best and maybe a bit bad advice is to learn a new skill and then help Shopify owners.

Don’t have skills just yet to help Shopify store owners?

We all are different and come from different circumstances and places with different amounts of resources. It is okay to not have skills that are required for some new platform. Of course, you don’t. When you learn it then you will have the skills to help someone out.

If you don’t have quality skills then I suggest deciding what you want to do and how you want to help these store owners and then build your skills up step by step, little by little.

Nowadays there are a lot of resources available to learn from. You can go to Youtube and learn for free. Or join learning platforms like Skillshare or udemy and learn for very minimal cost.

If you want to progress more aggressively then just buy a course from someone. I recommend someone who is Youtuber or a blogger, not from Clickbank or from an internet marketer (those spammy types who sell anything to anyone :-)) I don’t say names, because there are so many options you can choose from.

Why I recommend Youtubers and bloggers, well because you can see what type of people they are, what they are doing, and how and are they providing their viewers and readers with value or not. It is even better if they have been there for a while 1,5 years is a good time.

Shopify store owners are very easy to find through different channels but if you are just starting out it is better to help people who are also starting out. If you are advanced then I suggest looking for already established businesses.

What type of help you can provide for Shopify store owners?

1 | Technical help and management

You may be creating Shopify stores, adding products, designing stores, editing images, creating visual graphics for social media, writing descriptions, or editing code in the apps, theme or in general for the owner. There are a lot of ways to help someone who is just starting out with Shopify.

For me personally, this is the easiest one, because I love to develop things, but don’t have programming skills. There are lots of people out there offering these types of services, but you know what there is always space for motivated people and you know what? The extra mile is never crowded.

2 | Advertising and marketing help

Most people struggle with Social media and paid advertising. I do not recommend choosing this one, because you can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing. I personally have no clue how 15+ years old people make these “Social media agencies”.

3 | Email marketing

Having the skill to communicate with people and make them want to give you their money is a skill! I’m joking here a bit, but the best people are so good that you just want to buy anything from them.

If you have this skill, it is 🔥. If you don’t, it is never too late to learn if you are motivated.

Klaviyo is one email marketing platform used by Shopify users. You may want to learn about it.

4 | Designing services

Designing and editing skills are needed in so many areas when it comes to online businesses. As a designer, you can create visuals for the store, social media, and even for products.

5 | Research

People who know how to research and document things are gold. Small businesses need help with keyword research, competition research, trends, and customers. If you can help people to get the information they need and help them aggressively move forward with this information, well superb!

6 | Seo

Seo stands for search engine optimization. Your customer (Shopify store owner)  wants to be visible in search engines such as Google and will probably need help with that too.

7 | Customer service

Customer service is something that people don’t tend to talk much about, but you know what? nothing is as visible as customer service that is not there. Great companies stand out with high-quality customer service. Want to be one of them? If you are good with people, kind, and patient then working in customer support may be an option for you.

Final words

Here  I had just a small list of services you can provide for the Shopify store owners.

If you are just starting out I recommend choosing something, go out there, and offer what you got to potential customers. Shopify store owners can be easily found on Facebook, but probably on Reddit and quora too.

If you lack skills, it is no problem these days just go to SkillShare, with my referral link you get 2 months of free Premium membership. At that time, you will learn a lot, I did.

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