Are you new blogger and feel stuck? – Bloggers Motivation tips

Top 5 Bloggers Motivation Tips

Suzi’s tips for Blogger’s Motivation

1 | Create a plan

Write down for 30 days what you need to do with your blog in order to move it forward.

Do little tasks every single day, so you can check them off  😉

You will feel like you are building momentum and moving forward a little bit.

2 | Create Small goals

Create weekly or monthly goals you want to hit. What you are going to do this week to make yourself feel successful.

What are you going to do this month to move towards your bigger goal?

  • What is your big why?
  • Why do you want to start a business?
  • Who are you doing this for?

Suzi’s examples of why are monetarily, but your why can be also that you want to learn new skills, develop as a person, network with others, become a better entrepreneur, or help people.

Keep in mind that to make money, you will need to set monetarily goals or how else could you reach them?

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

3 | Blog about a wide range of different topics

In the beginning, you will have so many different ideas and maybe you are not confident about your expertise, go and blog about a wide range of different topics and

  • Find out where your audience is
  • What they like
  • What posts you like to write

Refine over time.

Going broad sometimes helps, because you are learning about blogging. You are learning about the strategies there is and then you will find your voice and find your niche.

I couldn’t agree more.

4 | Remember  we all start at zero

We all start with zero.

  • We all start with zero Facebook likes.
  • Zero followers on Instagram.
  • Zero subscribers on Youtube
  • Zero people on an email list.

We all start at zero and we slowly grow.

We are slowly building an audience of friends and people you can help.

5 | Focus on WHO do you want to help

Instead of thinking about what I am gonna do to help me, think about how you can help your audience. Who is going to read this and actually get something from it?

When you tackle your blog with the spirit of helping other people, it will help you to have more purpose in creating content.


Overall Suzi had once again great tips for all you bloggers. I hope you have made your notes and feel more motivated now!  From these blogger’s motivation Tips I loved the most were tips 3 and 4. Go, Suzi!

Which tips were your favorite? Leave your comment below.

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