Amazon Changed their Commissions – Not for the better

Amazon has been for years one of the most recommended platform for affiliates.

When you start looking for opportunities to ‘Make money online’ or ‘Work from home’ it will not take you long that creating a website, blog, niche, site, affiliate site is one possibility. That’s when Amazon’s affiliate program pops in for the first time.

There have always been pros and cons in Amazon associates program because what they do they update their terms often and not for its affiliates (or seller’s) best interest.

Recently during the Covid-19 lockdown Amazon has Changed its commission structure. Here are what some industry experts are saying about it.

Income School, Jim & Ricky

This is what is said on this video:

Amazon’s killing it right now guys, they’re just killing it and they’ve decided to just undercut everybody that built them up as a company and tear them down to the ground.

And this is how they Respond to Amazon’s affiliate commission Change

Amazon exactly what they’re asking for they don’t want our links anymore so let’s give it to them let’s remove every freaking Amazon link on our web sites because you’ll find higher-paying Commissions than 1 or 3%.

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