3 Best Print-on-demand sites for artists with No Upfront costs

Print-on-demand sites

Print-on-demand sites for artists are one way to sell designs on Merchandise without investing money upfront and in some cases at all.

Print-on-demand sites have been here forever and most know for me personally are Spreadshirt and Teespring, most obvious in the industry, but if you think about it, you will find out that for example, VistaPrint and Smartphoto type of businesses and other printing companies and printing houses are actually print-on-demand.

You have seen print-on-demand companies and their products probably in action, usually used by sports teams or as business gifts, but nowadays some companies have established themselves as connecting artists and buyers.

What is special about these companies today is that you can print on much different merchandise rather than just on t-shirts.

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Best Print-On-demand sites for artists

As the internet has evolved, so have services in the print-on-demand industry.

Nowadays there are lots of options, some are better than others and some are more affordable than others, but some are more professional than others.

Print on demand is a cool way to make money online. It may sound easy when someone is luring you in “You just upload your designs to print on demand sites with an audience and wait for the money to flow in”.

Print-on-demand sites are sites where you can upload your designs. People will be able to buy them. Some of these are better than others I list a few of my favorites and shortly explain why.

It will take some work in order to get found through these sites. That is why making research is so important.

You will need to keep the noise of your creations. As an artist, you probably are aware of that already.

Merch by Amazon

I haven’t got accepted there myself, but it is probably the best place to start.

Amazon is a marketplace and the audience is already there. What I know is you can put your designs on clothing such as t-shirts and on pop sockets.

For better information visit Merch informer, with them, you will have a fair chance to succeed*.


Society6 is one of the services where you can quite easily upload your designs and then edit them a bit to fit better in each product, this is time-consuming, but you don’t have to upload your design for each product.

To learn how to benefit from Society6 you want to watch Cat Coquillette’s video course to get the best information for getting started.


I like Redbubble, it seems to be an active platform. Quite easy to use.  Redbubble is similar to society6, I like that I can add the same design at once to multiple products.

To learn more about Redbubble you may want to sign up for  SkillShare to watch this video. This course is very good to learn better practices with Redbubble.

In my opinion, these three Pods I just mentioned are the ones you should go with. There are platforms I don’t recommend at all, it is better not to say which platforms to not confuse you.

Remember less is more. You can design a lot, but only a few will sell well.

Audience research is important, you can use a merch informer for that. There is no need to sign up for all sites on the internet, choose one to start with.

Go to those social media channels that work for you. I recommend visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

*Learn, apply, rest and repeat.

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